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Hi, I’m Hagen. I'm running this project since 2018.


We are calling this project the #fimidiverse. At the moment it consists of Most users speak German so far.
We also have English and French speaking users. Don't worry about the .com domain part. We have no intentions to make a business here. Join us 😊.


The project is a lot of fun and learning but it all costs time and money 🤔Therefore donations are always welcome 🤗


We have a chat in Matrix https://matrix.to/#/#fv:matrix.org


All servers are based in Switzerland with the generous financial help of Novatrend - Thanks a lot🙏

Feature Packed.

The best for the brightest 📸


Share posts with up to 4 photos


Comment on a post, or send a reply


Organize and share collections of multiple posts


Explore categories, hashtags and topics

Photo Filters

Add a special touch to your photos


Share moments with your followers that disappear after 24 hours

138 people have shared 100,479 photos and videos on #fimidiverse pixelfed!

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