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#fimidiverse pixelfed is a decentralized image sharing platform. I’m Hagen. I’m running this server together with Felix since 2022. Join us 😊. The #fimidiverse consists of Mastodon (https://fimidi.com), Pixelfed (https://pixel.fimidi.com) and WriteFreely (https://write.fimidi.com). Most users speak German so far. We also have English and French speaking users. The domain name fimidi.com was used before for one of my businesses. I like it, so I used it here. Don't worry about the .com part. No intentions to make a business here. Donations are always welcome 🤗 it all costs time and money here 🤔 PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/hagengraf Bitcoin: 3Ja5tHJHZy4CEWCr8j3tM8qxQrLUkxLCHm

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